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Scottish tourism and COVID-19

Scottish tourism and COVID-19: what’s the outlook for the sector? An extraordinarily uncertain outlook The outlook for tourism is extraordinarily uncertain worldwide, and recovery will depend on interlinked factors related to both the health crisis and the economy that touch on both the demand and supply side of tourism. These include: evolution of the pandemic

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FUNIBER: Who we are and what we are doing for the project

FUNIBER: Who we are and what we are doing for the project The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, and it has impacted Europe's tourism sector significantly. In collaboration with multiple international partners, FUNIBER is proud to help get Europe’s tourism industry back on track safely. The project Navigating Tourism Crisis

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Tourism research on the west coast of Scotland

Tourism research on the west coast of Scotland: developing business solutions for a sector in crisis Starting a series of blog spots that highlighted the work of our partners, we begin with the our Scottish lead partner, the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research, part of the University of the Highlands. The Centre (, established

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How COVID-19 is affecting employees in the tourism industry

How COVID-19 is affecting employees in the tourism industry Barcelona is a city that heavily depends on tourism for economic revenue. The COVID-19 pandemic brought European tourism to a sudden halt, and the tourism sector is seeing unprecedented losses. María Cecilia Lupis is a reception manager at a hotel in Barcelona. Her hotel was forced

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A short description of FUNIBER

A short description of FUNIBER FUNIBER (  is a non-profit private organization devoted since 1997 to online education and multidisciplinary international  projects. With headquarters located in the 22@ digital smart district in Barcelona (Spain), the international organization of FUNIBER comprises a group of universities, R&D centres and several SMEs. Since its foundation in Spain,

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The future of businesses in the tourism industry

The future of businesses in the tourism industry An international program focuses on supporting and training tourism businesses when reacting to crises.  The Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery project, co-financed by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union, is led by the University of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and has the participation of

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TVW and our role in the project

Introduction of tvw and our role in the project We, TVW GmbH (the vision works), are an owner-managed SME focusing on consulting for companies, start-ups, public organisations and NGOs. Our special expertise ranges from Crisis Management and Restructuring Processes, Change Management Processes and Organisational Development, Business Development Processes up to Digitalization. Thanks to an entrepreneurial,

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Tourism Recovery introduction

Tourism Recovery introduction The consequences of the Covid-19 virus for the tourism industry in the EU cannot at present be accurately assessed - but it is clear, that they will be devastating. The tourism sector is especially vulnerable to crisis (Hall/Williams 2019). The Tourism Recovery project will enable Higher Education institutes to educate existing SMEs

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