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Partners of the European T-CRISIS-NAV tourism training project meet in Germany

The partners of the Erasmus Plus T-CRISIS-NAV project met on April 12 and 13 in Halle (Germany) to fine-tune the details of the tourism training packages generated. The meeting was attended by: Emmanuel Soriano and Thomas Prola (FUNIBER); Steve Taylor and Kelly Morrison (University of the Highlands and Islands); Íris Hrund Halldorsdottir (University of

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Global Tourism Resilience Day

Global Tourism Resilience Day: Celebrating the recovery of tourism post pandemic Two weeks ago, the United Nations declared February 17 as International Tourism Resilience Day to be recognized annually, starting this month. This dedication acknowledges how the tourism industry has been affected by external factors such as the pandemic, as well as how far

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Laura Magan

Who is Laura Magan and how is she contributing to the ¨The Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery¨ program Magan´s role in the project is to create IO´s also known as Intellectual Outputs. This means she is focused on providing content about destination planning and crisis management for higher education institutions and regional tourism. She says the

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Íris Hrund Halldórsdóttir´s- T-Nav Interview

Íris Hrund Halldórsdóttir´s role in the The Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery program Halldórsdóttir is a researcher at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre. The research centre is responsible for giving a quality assessment of the materials being produced in the project. Íris Hrund Halldórsdóttir has a masters degree in tourism studies and is also an adjunct

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