Who is Laura Magan and how is she contributing to the ¨The Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery¨ program

Magan´s role in the project is to create IO´s also known as Intellectual Outputs. This means she is focused on providing content about destination planning and crisis management for higher education institutions and regional tourism.

She says the project will have the three following phases:

  1. Preempt (A pre planning phase to organize and delegate)
  2. An implementation phase (when the crisis occurs)
  3. The recovery phase (this process includes the destination business and a employee or person who is relevant to the recovery)

Magan feels that this training can change the way tourism is conceived. But tourism destinations must ask themselves this during the recovery process ¨how do you want to sustain experiences and what are your priorities?¨ This may lead to price increases, But then after the increase you need to know how you’re going to use that extra money.

Some additional advice she has for tourism destinations is to think about crowd control. How are you going to deal with the environmental impacts that come from having tourists? Magan says the best way to help the environment is to educate the tourists on how they impact the environment but also on how they can help improve it. They might be able to help by giving a donation, volunteering their time or spreading the word about environmental impacts.

Magan has a masters in international tourism and has had a variety of past jobs ranging from working in airports to working as a destination specialist at the great barrier reef. She feels that the combinations of skills she learned in these jobs help her in her current job.

Magan currently works for Momentum Marketing Systems. The activities that she currently participates in related to tourism include working and mentoring tourism businesses, guest lecturing for higher education institutions, designing marketing campaigns and creating branding strategies.