New Phone App Seeks to Help Businesses Navigate their Way through Crises

As the tourism industry in many countries is starting to move into what is hoped is a post-pandemic recovery phase there will undoubtedly be structural and managerial readjustments for many businesses as they try to ensure that they are more resilient and able to adapt to future crises.

West Highland College UHI’s Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research (CRTR) has recently been awarded funding aimed at addressing this issue. The centre will work with both academic and business partners in Spain, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Iceland in a three-year transnational collaboration. The project is funded by the EU ERASMUS+ programme.

The aim of the €445,000 initiative is to develop vocational education and training and curriculum resources that will help tourism businesses gain the skills needed to successfully navigate through crises by providing them with the knowledge and actionable tools to analyse the specific extent of crisis impact and develop suitable countermeasures.

As the project’s lead partner, CRTR will work in partnership with regional stakeholders to understand business needs and develop a valuable open-access training programme that will be accessible via a dedicated app.

Dr Steve Taylor, Director of CRTR said “Covid-19 is having a profound effect on the tourism sector across the globe.  We look forward to leading this international collaboration that has the potential to provide meaningful, valuable resources for businesses and students alike to be better prepared for such destructive developments in the future”.

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