Meet our Tourism Recovery Partners!

Meet Our Lead partner – University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), are the United Kingdom’s leading integrated university encompassing both further education and higher education. Based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and with 40,000 Further and higher education students, our distinctive partnership of 13 independent colleges and research institutions is locally based and rooted in communities, but with national and international reach. Tourism and Adventure studies are our flagship subjects: through the School of Adventure Studies (SOAS) we deliver a range of courses, detailed below, while the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research (CRTR) is our research arm.

Our Strategic Vision and Plan places community engagement at its core. One of our three core themes labels us ‘the university for all of our region’, whereby we act as “a force for economic, social and cultural change across the region by connecting and collaborating with businesses, public and third sector partners and communities”. Relevant to the Tourism Recovery Project, we contribute to enhanced training and skills development and the promotion of sustainable economic growth, we provide a professional and consistent approach to employer and community engagement that underpins the relevance of our curriculum and research and we ensure our academic structures respond effectively to the development needs of communities and key economic sectors.

Momentum (MMS)

Momentum (MMS) have worked in developing progressive learning programmes and platforms for education with special focus on the tourism economy. A leading VET training provider in Ireland, MMS tourism development programmes have transformational impact on local communities and rural economies.

MMS has a wealth of tourism and education talent and has grown rapidly in size to employ 24 staff and subcontractors. MMS equips over 2,000 learners per annum through their sought-after classroom training courses and thousands of others through their blended learning and online courses including webinars and eLearning environments. MMS’s quality system is learner-centric and based on the standards and procedures promoted by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the official accreditation board in Ireland for VET and Adult Education. As well as course curriculum and content development and delivering training, MMS also has a strong marketing division specialising in brand development, multimedia content generation, communication strategies and social media. With a strong network base across Ireland, MMS have excellent dissemination potential and the ability to draw high profile attention to T-CRISIS-NAV.

The Vision Works TVW

The Vision Works are an owner-managed SME focusing on consulting for companies, start-ups, public organisations and NGOs in Crisis Management and Restructuring Processes, Change Management Processes and Organisational Development on an organisational and individual staff level, Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Crisis Management, Business Development Processes, (International) Project Management and Digitalization.

Thanks to an entrepreneurial, results-oriented approach, not only do we develop strategies and concepts, but we are also extremely happy to be available for the active implementation. The aforementioned fields of action require a high degree of moderation and mediation skills as well as multi-actor management competencies to assure wide acceptance and smooth implementation within the organisations of our customers.

European E-Learning Institute

European E-learning Institute (EUEI) specialises in the creation of powerful online platforms, immersive educational environments and provision of resources and tools to create truly valuable learning experiences. EUEI was founded on the concept of ‘continuing education’; a post-secondary education programme that provides further enrichment to learners in a wide range of sectors, covering topics that are professional and/or personal. As an organisation, EUEI places tremendous worth on the informal and flexible nature of continuing education and crafting flexible, online learning courses for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead in their careers and in business.

Building inclusive and resilient communities is also a key goal of the organisation. Relevant to the Tourism Recovery partnership, EUEI courses build on the expertise of their European collaborators, who are mainly academic specialists with a successful track record in teaching in the areas of VET, HE and lifelong learning. Each of their online courses is delivered via a state-of-the-art learning system with an asynchronous learning format which enables learners to advance at their own pace, taking into consideration professional and personal commitments. Learning occurs through their interactive platforms where course content theory is combined with practical application supported by case studies, movies and interactive presentations. In addition to this, learners have access to a wide range of resources – typically online textbooks for each subject accompanied by exercises, projects, and assignments.

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) is a HEI cooperative project between the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri and Hólar University Collage and since 1999 has played a leadership role as a thought leader academic research organization with long-standing and broad experience in the management and implementation of both research based and applied tourism projects.

The ITRC works closely with the Icelandic Tourism Board, as well as with the Icelandic Travel Industry Association. The ITRC furthermore has significant experience in organizing large-scale conferences, as well as media events.

The ITRC’s aim is the improvement and promotion of tourism research in Iceland and strengthening the bonds of research and industry through domestic and international collaborative projects. The ITRC strives as a priority to boost research and thus understanding of the impact tourism has on the Icelandic economy, society and environment. The ITRC has during the past two decades established itself as the leading tourism research organization in Iceland and has led or taken part in a very wide range of projects, including many tourism development projects.


FUNIBER is a non-profit private HEI organization devoted to online education and multidisciplinary international projects. Established in 1997, it currently teaches 30,000 students, and has an international team of approx. 750 dedicated employees. Based in the 22@ Digital Small District in Barcelona, Spain, FUNIBER’s devolved structure consists of a group of universities, R&D Training Centers and several SME’s. Together they have developed an innovative new HEI business model using digital technologies and developing solutions for education, business and energy. This is achieved by an international network of universities and innovative centers or academic and professional network intersecting links to universities and professional institution and global trainers with 60 universities in Europe, the USA and Latin America and multiple companies and organizations of international presence and renown. This professional network now includes more than 353 countries linking education, societies and businesses, through various agreements and projects, participation activities, both academic and scientific research, as well as cooperation, development and economic growth.