Introduction of tvw and our role in the project

We, TVW GmbH (the vision works), are an owner-managed SME focusing on consulting for companies, start-ups, public organisations and NGOs. Our special expertise ranges from Crisis Management and Restructuring Processes, Change Management Processes and Organisational Development, Business Development Processes up to Digitalization.

Thanks to an entrepreneurial, results-oriented approach, not only do we develop strategies and concepts, but we are also extremely happy to be available for the active implementation. The aforementioned fields of action require a high degree of moderation and mediation skills as well as multi-actor management competencies to assure wide acceptance and smooth implementation within the organisations of our customers. Therefore, our daily work relies on a large number of methods, tools and resources, developed and customised by our highly-skilled, inter-disciplinary team combining complementary professions, skills and expert-knowledge from Business- and Project Management to Psychology, Intercultural Pedagogy and Mediation which will add value to the Navigating Tourism – Crisis Recovery Project.

Through our prior work, we have developed a large number of resources, methodologies and tools to mediate and moderate crisis management processes which we now want to deploy for the work on IO3: the development of a SME Trainig Package and SME crisis navigator. The main objectives are to provide SMEs, tourism networks and VET tourism providers with access to an innovative learning model, which they can easily and without hurdles integrate into their business operations or training, in order to expand their offer around the central topic of early detection of tourism crisis management. This approach is highly innovative as it provides directly actionable resources to SMEs allowing them to successfully navigate their tourism business through a tourism management crisis. When a crisis emerges, tourism SMEs will have the emergency response plans and resources they need to respond. The curricula and resources are designed in such a way that they can be transferred in their entirety or as modules directly into the existing offers of the target groups without further technical hurdles.

By working on the project, we aim to equip tourism SMEs with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully navigate their business through a crisis and become more crisis resilient. We will contribute to the development of all outputs, provide expert feedback on the quality of the outputs and act as important connections for the project dissemination to achieve a sustainable impact on our target group, the tourism SMEs.