Icelandic Tourism Research Centre

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) is a cooperative project between three universities in Iceland. The ITRC’s aim is to strenghten and promote tourism research and further the bonds of research and industry through collaborative projects and serves therefore as a bridge between the industry and academia.

ITRC is well established in the research field of tourism and has participated in various international and domestic projects.  In recent years, the main research focus has been on the social impact of tourism, cruise tourism, employment in tourism, and most recently the resilience of tourism companies in times of crisis – to name a few. The research center participates in a wide range of international research projects and has also initiated several international research groups which have led to successful project applications, book projects, etc.

With ITRC´s strong connection to various HEI, with their deep knowledge in the field of tourism, and vast experience of being a bridge between the industry and academia, the ITRC takes on the role of quality management of the project and is in charge of designing the projects evalution strategy.