FUNIBER: Who we are and what we are doing for the project

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, and it has impacted Europe’s tourism sector significantly. In collaboration with multiple international partners, FUNIBER is proud to help get Europe’s tourism industry back on track safely. The project Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery will provide members of the tourism industry information and skills on how to navigate tourism in a post COVID-19 world.

FUNIBER is the leader of disseminating information related to the project T-CRISIS-NAV. We are focusing on increasing engagement with target audiences all across social media platforms. Our team’s skills range from facilitating communication between international leaders to creatively innovating new ways to share information in our digital world.

FUNIBER is focusing on sharing the skills and information developed from this project with specific target audiences that will benefit from the project’s completion. Our target audiences include small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector, young tourism entrepreneurs, regional tourism networks, higher education institutions and governmental organizations. Each of our partners will contribute in disseminating information to the necessary target audiences in their immediate region, and FUNIBER will construct the ultimate plan to creatively share this information that simultaneously promotes engagement and skill learning.

We are currently making swift progress on newsletters regarding the project’s progress for our audiences. In the upcoming week, we will be sharing a prepared interview with a tourism specialist from Barcelona on how local businesses have been handling pandemic losses. It will be shared on the project website’s news section. Additionally, our team is innovating new ways to share the project’s updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to connect primarily with the younger generation. The dissemination of the final project report will come from FUNIBER at the project completion in September 2023.

With Europe’s vaccination rates increasing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the tourism sector of Europe’s economy. Our goal is for enterprises and entrepreneurs of the tourism industry to be prepared with necessary tools for future crises. No one knows to what extent the pandemic will affect Europe’s tourism businesses in the long run, but FUNIBER and our international partners can provide skills and information for navigating through the crisis management.