A short description of FUNIBER

FUNIBER (https://www.funiber.org/)  is a non-profit private organization devoted since 1997 to online education and multidisciplinary international  projects. With headquarters located in the 22@ digital smart district in Barcelona (Spain), the international organization of FUNIBER comprises a group of universities, R&D centres and several SMEs. Since its foundation in Spain, FUNIBER has grown continuously to become an academic and professional network across more than 35 countries along Europe, America and Africa. Our university network includes partnership, affiliation and consolidated contacts with 80 European, American and African Universities and R&D centres. Currently we are teaching to more than 30.000 Higher Education students, mostly oriented to post-university graduates (Masters and Doctorates). The international team of about 750 employees is dedicated to develop the knowledge base and multiple training programmes (doctorates, masters and degrees), develop the IT infrastructure,  provide the personalized tutorial services and deploy projects.

The areas of activity of FUNIBER are:

  1. Distance education Ph.D., Master’s degree and Specialization programmes, officially awarded by universities.
  2. Customized training and knowledge management solutions for companies and organizations.
  3. R&D&I projects (research, development and innovation) and international aid projects.
  4. Others: international network of investors, open access publisher, welfare and cultural work.

Our work in the project:

FUNIBER is working on an Integrated DISSEMINATION Strategy, scheduling all dissemination results, such as dissemination directory, project website, social media accounts, promotional videos, digital marketing content, pop up stands, media packs etc. Dissemination includes integration with platforms & projects such as EPALE, ETOA – European tourism association. FUNIBER will take the lead role on Dissemination and Sustainability. Building on our experience with the target group and the extensive networks gained through years of experience.

FUNIBER will collaborate also with UHI in IO1.The development of the INTERNATIONAL NEEDS ANALYSIS ON TOURISM CRISIS MANAGEMENT FOR SMEs will be led by UHI with FUNIBER acting as Co-Lead and support of all other partners. Work will begin in month 1 and continue until month 10. In close cooperation with FUNIBER and UHI will develop the research methodology which will then be implemented and conducted by the local project partners in their respective regions. (state of art, methodology design, questionnaires, etc.). A summary of current research (literature review), and an analysis of the interviews will allow researchers to define a competence framework for the project. Finally, FUNIBER will organize project’s Multiplier Event 1.

September 2020

FUNIBER participa en proyecto Erasmus+ para la búsqueda de soluciones formativas en el sector turístico

October 2020

Primer encuentro online para establecer las acciones del proyecto T- Crisis Nav en el FUNIBER participa

January 2021

New meeting to specify the following actions of the T-Crisis-Nav project

February 2021

FUNIBER participates in a new meeting of the T-Crisis-Nav project